Warm Neighborhood in Jordan
Jordan is a neighborhood of contrasts, with modern and classic all complementing each other. Look around and observe the traces of time. Along Jordan Road, old buildings and restaurants from the pre-war era still evoke the days of a bygone age. Further along, at the West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, modern skyscrapers have taken over the skyline, with the most spectacular of all: the sky-high International Commerce Centre.
Jordan is exciting any time. By day, it is alive with crowds jostling along the streets and street vendors competing for attention. By night, dazzling neon signs light up, with Temple Street and its food stalls taking over; serving up an array of goods, tasty treats, street performances, and fortune tellers, to those whose night is ever young.
Local Attractions
A Night Market of Light
As night falls, the world-famous Temple Street springs to life. Get involved and hunt for bargains from a dazzling array of street stalls, or catch a live Cantonese opera performance with the locals. As you uncover more of the mysteries of Hong Kong, the intrigue and action will increase with excitement and intensity.
Trade Stalls
These humble trade stalls made of iron sheets and ancient wooden boards look like very little on first sight, but inside are artisans with years of experience—repairing watches, mending shoes, cutting keys; continuing a trade many of them have been mastering since their youth.
Kwun Yum Temple
Visit Kwun Yum Temple and discover Hong Kong’s ancient folklore and traditions, which have been kept alive from old China. Light up incense sticks and join worshippers as they ask for blessings and fortune from the goddess of sympathy and mercy.
Herbal Tea Houses
Busy? Take a break and enjoy Hong Kong’s traditional five-flower tea, or indulge in the rich and bitter twenty-four herbs tea. Soak in the atmosphere and savor the teahouses rich with human stories. So take a seat, listen to the owners and local patrons, and experience the tales of real Hong Kong people.
Dai Pai Dong
Eager to sample real Hong Kong cuisine? Visit a local Dai Pai Dong and eat outdoor at these cooked food stalls. There are so many things to savor, from seasonal seafood, rice cooked in clay pots, or oyster omelets. Or enjoy a skewer of fish balls on the sidewalk for a city vibe you will never forget. 
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